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When a death in the family occurs there are numerous decisions that must be made in a very short amount of time.  Because we have witnessed the difficulties that many families encounter during a time of loss, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help ease the burden that usually falls on loved ones.  McReynolds Advanced Planning is a reflection of our commitment to you. 


Advance Planning

A free consultation with us to discuss your own funeral pre-arrangements. Planning ahead is a wonderful, lasting gift of love you can give your family.

Aftercare Service
We want to help you through this next difficult season of your life.  Following the service, you will be contacted by one of our caring and helpful representatives.  You might have questions and concerns, and we are here to help. 

We off the Circle of Friends AfterCare system to help you automatically communicate with your families for a full year following the death of a loved one. The program is made up of 12 monthly issues and 4 special issues on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and the holidays. 

Precare Service & Aftercare Service

Circle of Friends is a continuing care program provided by Hatfield Funeral Home and Jensen's Sierra Vista Mortuary.  A time of loss is a difficult and emotional experience, and we want to be here for you not only for the funeral service but for your healing process as well.

Every month, we will send out an email containing encouraging newsletters and helpful tools and resources to help you cope with grief and loss. 


Transferring Policy & other Services

If you currently have a funeral trust or prearrangement with another funeral home and would like to transfer it to Hatfield Funeral Home or Jensen's Sierra Vista Mortuary, please contact us. These funds belong to you and you have the right to change the designated beneficiary to another funeral home.  

Note: Final approval by Hatfield Funeral Home/Jensen's Sierra Vista Mortuary owner.

Inquiring and receiving copies of the policy. 

Fees may apply.






APASI Travel Plan

We are please to offer the APASI Travel Plan to our clients.

APASI Are the Pioneers of The Travel Assurance Plan!

Being pioneers also makes them the experts, and their experts are here to help you protect you and your loved ones from anywhere around the world. They are not Just Another Travel Plan Company. Others may try to copy them, but they are the originals, and Travel Assurance is what they do best. In fact, it’s ALL they do! Since 1994, and with over 400,000 members, their very own Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ is sure to provide you with all the membership benefits you and your family deserve.


Why is the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ so important?

So many Americans are away from home these days for business, family visits and recreation. Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we’re away from home… anything can happen, including death. Our plan takes care of everything for you in the event that a death takes place more than 75 miles away from home.  


 Key Benefits of Our Membership Plan Giving You Peace of Mind.



No Caps On Expense

Your family will not have to come out of pocket for any unexpected expense.

No Caps On Expense

Your family will not have to come out of pocket for any unexpected expense.

Language Barriers Eliminated

We manage all customs documentation, or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world for you.

Extensive Network of Providers


We only work with local, licensed funeral homes to provide the highest standards in service.



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